We represent top – notch produceres on the market of electrical industry and we can supply you with material which is used in winding industry, such as:

  • different enameled copper wires (round and rectangular wires)
  • insulation material
  • adhesive tapes
  • copper tapes (with or without insulation)
  • different tapes and cords (polyester cord, textile tapes, ect)
  • connectors

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Tapes and cords


Adhesive tapes


  • HF Litz Cu lak žica 2660 x 0.080mm P180 Grd 1; 1 x Nylon/63!
  • Vodnik SF 4,00mm - 100 metrov
  • Bombažni ameriški trak različnih širin
  • Konektor AC166-1/ 3 ZEL bel - 200 kom